Saturday, March 7, 2009

What am i doing in Houston

What i am doing in Houston?

I was supposed to finish my postdoc project at Stanford by Nov 15. But i coudnt, as the project was more complex than we first thought. So it is still going on. I came over to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, as it has all the expertise in the project. Incidently Stanford didnt have any signifcant expertise (very funny) in my project. Today, 03/07/09, i think it should take may be 1-1/2 months more to finish it up and submit the paper.

Ok, so what next?

Well at this point it seems i am headed to become a professor (in some university, thank God there r so many in the world) or a scientist in some lab. The question is when do i apply for one such job. Well right now i think i would try to acquire couple of more years of postdoc training before i apply for a permanent position. I want to make sure that after i start with a long-term career of a professor/scientist i have enough expertise to understand & do science at a very broad level. Ok, so in a nutshell after i finish my current postdoc, i will do a second postdoc and then after that apply to become a full-time professor/scientist, after couple of years, unless God has some other plans for me =P Keep me in your prayers, that i am led by Him =P

So How is Houston?

Oh man it is working out so nicely to me. God is so helpful! I have got 24/7 access to my lab at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM): something i didnt even have at Stanford after Nov 15. BCM is located in Texas Medical Center (awesome place).
Next door is Luke center: it has a chapel: which always has a pastor during the work hours: meaning during the weekdays: u can just go over to get prayers and share with him your burdens!! so cool! Next door is rice university: which is also amazing. At times, i drop by Christian fellowships of Campus Crusade & chi-alpha: they have AMAZING worship sessions.

There is an amazing park (golf course, houston zoo) outside BCM: i take breaks and sit in the park: and yes believe me i get, as if, glimpses of heaven: i forget all my needs: i feel like spending all my time there. Its a perfect place to pray, meditate, spend time with Him and melt away all worries! The reason all worries melt away is because you feel so good immersed in the nature that you dont feel like wanting anything else (well i have only tried that place couple of times, lets see if i get the same feeling in future also ;-). I didnt plan for all these, they just happened as if all planned out by Him (my friends & i did pray for relief from need worries)!!

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