Monday, March 9, 2009

My weekend / Jesus's prescription for success

My weekend was quite eventful. We moved to a new apartment, so a lot time was spent in cleaning and moving (good physical exercise ;). I was really amazed by the range of emotions i went through: pretty much everything: from His peace to full-of-anxiety. But i was very glad by the end of the weekend and i felt i was pretty much in His grasp throughout the weekend (i slept pretty much exhausted and woke up clearly renewed by Him). The highlight of the weekend was the Bible class taught by a rice university professor. That was such a blessing. I have been praying to get in touch with a Christian professor (as i might become one) who could give me some tips about balancing between research and other things in life. The professor's message was Jesus's prescription for success: "Mark 9:35: If anyone wants to be first he must be last of all and servant of all". He pulled out stories from his life & experiences to support it .... Then followed another blessing, the worship session in the church: it was such an amazing song (i am trying to find the song online): i felt it was just for me: He cares about me so much :-)...Then we went to the house of the professor for lunch which was again such a blessing. It was a gathering of young rice student believers who gave me a lot of tips about following Jesus. I got a lot of insights into what it means into having "life in abundance" as promised by Jesus. And if Holy Spirit remains in us forever once received. And if we can have joy through Him all the time, no matter what the circumstances are, as Apostle Paul stressed..

I also learnt how important it is to take breaks in between crazy day and medidate/pray/call on Him to regain His peace. I realize again & again that i relate so much to "Blessed are the poor in spirit"...i have called upon Him during my anxious moments by far more than in my peaceful moments...The professor gave me the final tip: make sure i always start the day with Him, then i will see how He guides me rest of the day...

Also i note something profound from Zac poonen's online sermon during the last week: "If a person has spirtual gifts, it dosnt necessarily mean the person is also spiritual": hmm something to remember...

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