Saturday, March 7, 2009

some prayer requests

You may pray for me that i will be truely in His grasp (v. imp, as i note that at times i can be very disobedient & try to take things into my own hands) and clearly see Him in my life. There can be moments in my life where i am like: does God really exist..those r the most terrible moments, as i feel very vulnerable then..these sometimes can happen when things don't go my way or i suspect taking bad decisions despite praying. But do praise the Lord that He is really taking care of me in Houston very well!! For example, it just happened that the funding for my project resumed miraculously for a brief amount of time! My roommate is so caring (he feeds me at times)! People in my lab are helping me a lot! And so far i have always been restored very-well from low-periods!

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