Sunday, December 7, 2014

What do you want from God?

"On July 30, 1967, Joni ( dove into Chesapeake Bay after misjudging the shallowness of the water. She suffered a fracture between the fourth and fifth cervical levels and became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down. During her rehabilitation, she experienced anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, and religious doubts.
In 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She emerged successfully from cancer surgery and is hopeful of a positive prognosis."  

So, Joni has seen and experienced a lot of sufferings and hardships in life.

So, what does Joni expects from God in heaven? :-

Joni ( "So don’t be thinking that a new body (Joni was left paralyzed from the shoulders down) is what I am looking forward to most in heaven: jumping up, dancing, kicking and doing aerobics. Oh, that’ll be wonderful; it would be a great fringe benefit of being invited to Christ’s coronation party, but that’s not what I am looking forward to. I want a new heart; I want glorified heart that no longer twist the truth or resists God (heart free of selfishness), or looks for an escape, or gets defeated by pain, or becomes anxious or worrisome about the future — no longer trying to justify itself. Oh, that’ll be heaven for me."

This also flies in the face of "health-wealth" / "prosperity" gospels.
God wants us to prosper from inside!

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