Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IJM Chennai: A Dozen Slaves Rescued from a Rice Mill

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CHENNAI, INDIA – A dozen men and women and their children were freed from slavery in a rice mill over the weekend. Local authorities partnered with IJM to rescue the families and restore them to freedom.

One of the men who was rescued said he had not been allowed to leave the rice mill to visit his home for almost four years – even though his home is five minutes from the mill.

The government officials granted twelve of the individuals release certificates, emancipating them from slavery and cancelling any outstanding debt the owner may have claimed they owed him. The certificates also entitle each freed person to government-allocated funds that will help them build sustainable lives in freedom. "

Can you believe how many crazy things happen around us? Yes, we live in a world which is so broken. Kudos to Christ led IJM for their amazing works. Please check out to become a part of slavery rescue efforts worldwide!!

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